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Brentwood Borough Council are asking residents, businesses, voluntary and community groups, as well as Parish Councils in the Borough to let them know what they think the Council’s priorities should be over the next few years as they launch their ‘Vision for Brentwood’ consultation.

The ‘Vision for Brentwood’ plan will focus on the Council’s top priorities and will highlight how it will tackle the challenges facing the Brentwood Borough over the next three years.

To take part in the online consultation, please visit www.brentwood.gov.uk/visionforbrentwood

The consultation ends 25th August 2015.


Brentwood Borough Council have released a press release, found here, regarding responses made by the Brentwood community on the Strategic Growth Options consultation held earlier this year.  In summary, Brentwood Borough Council will shortly be writing to everyone who responded to the Strategic Growth Options consultation, noting that their comments have been registered and will shortly be made available online.  The press release also notes that the next stage is for Brentwood Borough Council to publish a formal Consultation Statement, which will feed in to the ongoing work being undertaken by Brentwood Borough Council on their Local Development Plan ("LDP").  Lastly, it notes that it is still expected that a further consultation will be held on the LDP later this year.  As ever, West Horndon Parish Council will continue to seek to work pro-actively with Brentwood Borough Council with regards to the potential impact on our community from any future development plans.


All residents should be receiving a hard copy of the latest village newsletter through their letter box in the next few days.  For those who can't wait or would like a sneek peak, we have uploaded a soft copy here.


Despite the work put in by West Horndon residents to respond to both the Strategic Growth Options consultation, and the Dunton Garden Suburb consultation earlier this year, no further progress with regards to their LDP/development plans has been communicated to either the Parish Council or the wider Brentwood Borough residents by Brentwood Borough Council.  The timing of the closing of the consultations coincided with the Borough Council election process, and it is understood that the new administration are still getting up to speed with responses and agreeing a path forwards for the LDP.

As such, unfortunately which this is a key issue for West Horndon, and despite the time elapsed since the latest consultation rounds closed, the Parish Council do not have an update for residents at this time.  We wanted to flag this to you however, given how important this issue is to local residents and us as a Parish as a whole.

The Parish Council is not however just waiting re-engagement from Brentwood Borough Council.  We are actively seeking meetings with key planning officers, and in the meantime we are working on our own sustainability appraisal which should provide us with a clearer view as to what level of development could be truely considered sustainable for West Horndon as a parish.  This will enable us as a parish to provide a firm and well informed response to the Borough Council as and when they re-engage on their LDP plans.


The Brentwood area has suffered an increased number of incidents relating to car crime recently, please read the following information to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Always shut the doors, windows and sunroof and ensure the car is locked. Never walk away from your car unless you are certain its locked by testing the handle. 

Use a steering wheel lock if you have one, they have been around for a long time but are still very effective. 

When you are at home don't leave your keys on show. put them in a safe place away from windows and doors.

If possible remove all valuables from the car, if it is not possible to remove them then put them out of sight.

When parking at home park in your garage if you have one, if not then park in a well lit area that has good natural surveillance from neighbouring properties.

When not parking at home try and use a secure car park, preferably monitored or with barriers. Again if its dark park in well lit areas. look for car parks that have the 'Park Mark' sign, these have been accredited as secure car parks by meeting the approved criteria. you can find these car parks by going on their website at: www.parkmark.co.uk 

Please also visit www.essex.police.uk/my_neighbourhood.aspx for more information and to find your local officer contact details


We have been advised that Essex County Council will be increasing the price of its Sunday Saver ticket from Sunday 14th June 2015.  The Sunday Saver Day Ticket is a "multi-operator bus ticket" offering unlimited day travel on all qualifying bus services in Essex on a Sunday, except on services operated by TfL and some premium bus routes.

A single adult fare increases from £2.80 to £4.00, single child from £1.50 to £2.00, and family from £8.00 to £10.00.

Information flyer can be found here.


West Horndon Parish Council are aware of the fact that many parents of pupils going to Brentwood County High have been informed that they will have to pay for their school transport going forwards.  Having spoken to our Essex County Councillor on the matter, we understand that this appears to be an unintended consequence of an Essex wide transport policy introduced last year.  This policy sought to limit funded school transport to those pupils who took up the place offered to them at their nearest school.  When debated, it was understood that BCHS was the closest school to West Horndon.  Based on correspondence with some local parents, it appears that the nearest school has been calculated as a Basildon/Laindon based school.

Given this was not intended to be the case, our Essex County Councillor will be taking the matter up.  We (WHPC) will remain in dialogue to ensure that this situation is resolved in a positive manner.


Two planning applications within West Horndon Parish were referred to the Brentwood Borough Council Planning and Development Control Committee held on the 14th April 2015.  These applications related to 1) the former Elliots nightclub and petrol station on the A127, and 2) 9 Thorndon Avenue. 

WHPC had supported the proposed development on the old Elliots site, noting that whilst it was technically green belt land, it had been laying derelict for c. 30 years.  The development plans put forwards were considered to be well thought through, and appropriate for the site.  However, the proposal was recommended for refusal by planning officers due to, amongst other things, its location in the green belt and transport links.  We are pleased that the BBC Planning and Development Control Committee took a similar view to WHPC and approved the application last night.

With regards to the proposed development at 9 Thorndon Avenue, WHPC had not supported the application when we considered it earlier this year.  Whilst the site is oversized versus the standard plots on Thorndon Avenue, WHPC considered the level of development proposed to be excessive, with two rows of houses proposed essentially building in to garden space.  The proposed density was not in keeping with the village, and could set a precedent for treatment of other slightly larger plots locally.  Whilst planning officers had recommended the application for approval, we are plased that the BBC Planning and Development Control Committee refused the application on similar grounds to WHPC.

We view these decisions as positive for the village and wider parish. 

Agenda and webcasts from the committee last night can be found here:



Please see below links to the Parish Council responses to the Brentwood Borough Council consultations on: 

Dunton Garden Suburb


Strategic Growth Options


C2C have now published their final report on their 2015 timetable, a copy of which can be found here.

A key concern for West Horndon residents was the loss of services starting from Laindon, together with the overall reduction in forecasted available seats at West Horndon.  This appears to have been an issue picked up through the consultation responses, albeit unfortunately due to sheer numbers at Laindon vs. West Horndon, it has primarily seen C2C looking to increase the number of trains stopping at Laindon.  They have proposed 2 Laindon starter trains (06.33 and 07.05), however just 1 of these will stop at West Horndon.

Overall, whilst the service levels should remain the same if not slightly more frequent than what we at West Horndon experience today, C2C accept that there will be fewer available seats on those trains stopping at both West Horndon and Upminster.

Whilst C2C have clearly taken the feedback onboard, the final timetable, in its current form, does look to be a step back for West Horndon commuters.  The consultation is now closed, and C2C plan to introduce the revised timetable in December.  West Horndon Parish Council will be contacting our local C2C contact to express our disappointment at the impact on West Horndon commuters from these changes.


The Parish Council continues to work hard behind the scenes to fight excessive development in and around West Horndon.  Following a further very positive and supportive meeting today with our MP Eric Pickles, we were informed that the request for an extension of time for the Strategic Growth Options Consultation was turned down, but agreement was given for us to submit a supplementary response based on new and additional information becoming available.

This afternoon we submitted a letter to the Chief Executive at Brentwood Borough Council confirming this and reserving the right of a supplementary response from not just the Parish Council, but also our residents.

A copy of the letter can be found here.


Brentwood Borough Council have published their latest bulletin covering an update on the LDP.  In particular, it covers the two live consultations, and some important FAQs.  A link to the bulletin can be found here.


After a long and distinguished period serving as a member of West Horndon Parish Council, a founding member, and more recently Vice Chairman, Chris Price has decided to retire from his role as parish councillor.  His resignation was accepted at our January 2015 meeting.  Chris has contributed greatly to the West Horndon community over his time as parish councillor, a contribution we are extremely grateful for.  We wish him all the best in his retirement from the council.

Cllr Colin Foan has been elected as Vice Chairman following Chris' resignation.


At our January 2015 meeting, West Horndon Parish Council were pleased to fill our two vacancies with two new councillors: Cllr Damien Biggs and Cllr Mark Abel.  Contact details can be found in our Parish Council section of this website.


The following Mayoral and civic events will be taking place in Brentwood in 2015.  For tickets or more information, contact Claire Hayden on 01277 312741/claire.hayden@brentwood.gov.uk

Mayor's Charity Quiz: Friday 30th January, Brentwood County High School (Seven Arches Road), 6.45pm for 7.00pm prompt start.  Ticket £15 including fish and chip supper.

Mayor's Charity Curry Night: Monday 16th February, The Pilgrims Korai (Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch), 7.30pm.  Tickets £20, with live music.

Civic Dinner and Dance: Friday 6th March, Mount Ave Banqueting Suite (Hutton), 7.15pm for dinner at 8.00pm.

St. George's Night: Friday 24th April, Bardswell Social Close (Bardswell Close), 7.30pm.  Tickets £15 including fish and chip supper and singer Diane Moore.

Mayor's End of Year Party: Saturday 16th May, Ashwells Country Club (Ashwells Road, Brentwood), 7.30pm


07/05/14: NEW WEBSITE

Welcome to the new West Horndon Parish website!  Please take some time to take a look around, and any feedback would be warmly welcomed by the Communications Group.

Where to find us:

The village of West Horndon is located in the southernmost part of the Borough of Brentwood, with most of the Parish south of the A127 and west of the A128.