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Here you can find information about our village, local activities and events, and the Parish Council.  To find out more, please navigate through this website using the page links above.

Latest News


On Sunday 14th September, West Horndon Bike Club returns! After a number of fun outings this year, we are aiming for a c. 2 hour cycle, at a gentle pace around the countryside near the village.  Old and new faces very welcome - we will start at the Railway Pub in the village at 10am, returning at lunch time.  Route will take us to Thames Chase Country Park and back.  To book your place, contact WHPC through email (whpc.cllr.kathyturner@gmail.com or whpc.cllr.anthonycrowley@gmail.com), Facebook or Twitter.  Alternatively give our Clerk a call (09705 416941) 


Calling all seniors in Brentwood!  Would you like to learn more about staying safe?  Join Safer Brentwood for a Senior Safety Day on Thursday 2nd October: 10am - 3pm at Hutton Community Centre, Harrison Close, CM13 1LP.  The day will include presentations on internet and phone fraud, rogue traders, fire safety, and support services for older people.  It will be followed by a quiz on loan sharks and a short play on rogue traders.  The event is free, with free refreshments and lunch!  To book your place call Brentwood Borough Council on 01277 312 692 or email daniel.cannon@brentwood.gov.uk.  Places are limited so book before 12th September.


The 2nd July Ordinary Council meeting of Brentwood Borough Council ("BBC") included, among other things, a vote on an interim updated five year housing land supply.  As background, every planning authority (of which BBC is one) must maintain and update on a regular basis, a five year supply of housing land (broken down on a site by site basis, with a specific identified number of dwellings per site).  This is a requirement under the current planning regulations as governed by the National Planning  Policy Framework.  At present, BBC's housing land supply would not accommodate at least 5 years worth of required house building.  It was put together in 2012 and whilst it is usually updated annually, last year's update was delayed due to anticipated changes in planning policy.

As WHPC, whilst we are not involved in the housing land supply process, decision or vote, we wanted to make our community aware of the fact that the industrial estates that are located in our village, have been included in this updated interim five year housing land supply.  The assumption made in the document is 250 dwellings on each, so 500 in total.  This is the same as proposed in the original draft LDP that BBC consulted on last summer.  The only other sites identified in this document for West Horndon are smaller sites already subject to approved planning permission - 9 Thorndon Avenue (4 dwellings) and 122-124 Station Road (13 dwellings).

Whilst WHPC are not involved in the housing land supply process, we have done some work to understand what the implications may be for our community from this decision:

- This document is separate to the Local Development Plan ("LDP") that continues to be drafted by Brentwood.  As such, allocations in this document are not the final sites and housing numbers that will set in the LDP when it is finalised (later this year).

- There are risks involved in Brentwood not having a viable five year housing land supply.  With insufficient supply, developers may look to submit applications involving greenbelt land (based on housing need and no identified supply of suitable sites).

- The five year housing land supply does not provide immediate planning application approval for any site.  The process for approval remains exactly the same.

- The interim five year housing land supply proposes that only 320 of the potential 500 dwellings on these sites are built in the next 5 years, with these built up as 160 each year in 2017 and 2018.  It is not assumed in this document that construction must begin immediately.

- WHPC continue to develop our Neighbourhood Plan which will help govern what development looks like in West Horndon (supported by the final LDP from Brentwood, which is due out later this summer).  The decision around the five year housing land supply does not change this process.

Whilst this is not a decision that WHPC are involved in, we remain in contact with BBC, in particular around the implications to West Horndon.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do contact us (email or Facebook) and we will happy to discuss this further with you.

Agenda with supporting information can be found at this link.


We are hoping to come round to the community mid July with surveys asking for your views regarding development within West Hondon.  These surveys will form the basis of our Neighbourood Plan.  As previously highlighted, our Neighbourhood Plan cannnot contradict the Brentwood LDP.  However what we are hoping to do is to shape any required development to best fit what residents here want and need.  The surveys we will be sending out to each house in the parish will be your chance to provide your feedback as to how you want development to be shaped - what do you want it to look like, what ameneties do you want, what are your views on infrastructure etc.  We will update you when we are printing off the surveys for delivery so you know when to look out for them.


WHPC have submitted an application to Brentwood Borough Council to approve a Neighbourhood Plan Area.  This is the first step in preparing a neighbourhood development plan for the parish.  As part of this application, WHPC have submitted a proposed boundary for the neighbourhood plan, with a supporting statement.  Public consultation will run between 29th May to 10th July 2014.  Full application and details on how to respond can be found on the Brentwood Borough Council website here.

Note that this application only covers our request for our neighbourhood plan to cover the West Horndon Parish.  If approved, we will be able to move forwards with development of the full neighbourhood plan, with a target completion date of summer 2015.  We will be approaching the community shortly as we work to obtain your views to build in to the plan.

21/05/14: BIKE CLUB

WHPC, with support from Brentwood Borough Council, present Bike Club!  Join us for a monthly social bike ride - families welcome (children Bikeability Level 2).  For more information contact the Parish Office (07905 416941) or email whpc.parishclerk@gmail.com.  Forthcoming dates: 8th June, 13th July, 3rd August, 14th September, 5th October, 9th November, 14th December.

12/05/14: FILM NIGHTS

WHPC, with support from Brentwood Borough Council funds, have organised 3 upcoming film nights in the village, with the first taking place on Saturday 31st May at 2.30pm.  The film will be Oklahoma, with the event taking place at the Village Hall, Thorndon Avenue.  Refreshments will be served, and all are welcome.  We suggest a £1 donation.  Come along for a great movie, and catch up with some like minded villagers!

07/05/14: NEW WEBSITE

Welcome to the new West Horndon Parish website!  Please take some time to take a look around, and any feedback would be warmly welcomed by the Communications Group.

Where to find us:

The village of West Horndon is located in the southernmost part of the Borough of Brentwood, with most of the Parish south of the A127 and west of the A128.