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Latest News


We have had confirmation from our County Councillor that West Horndon has been selected as one of the pilot scheme areas for Brentwood's LED street light trial.  No timings have been confirmed as yet.


The following Mayoral and civic events will be taking place in Brentwood in 2015.  For tickets or more information, contact Claire Hayden on 01277 312741/claire.hayden@brentwood.gov.uk

Mayor's Charity Quiz: Friday 30th January, Brentwood County High School (Seven Arches Road), 6.45pm for 7.00pm prompt start.  Ticket £15 including fish and chip supper.

Mayor's Charity Curry Night: Monday 16th February, The Pilgrims Korai (Ongar Road, Pilgrims Hatch), 7.30pm.  Tickets £20, with live music.

Civic Dinner and Dance: Friday 6th March, Mount Ave Banqueting Suite (Hutton), 7.15pm for dinner at 8.00pm.

St. George's Night: Friday 24th April, Bardswell Social Close (Bardswell Close), 7.30pm.  Tickets £15 including fish and chip supper and singer Diane Moore.

Mayor's End of Year Party: Saturday 16th May, Ashwells Country Club (Ashwells Road, Brentwood), 7.30pm


As highlighted by WHPC to the community in a public meeting early December, Brentwood Borough Council have launched today two consultations that are relevant to their Local Developement Plan ("LDP") and in particular, West Horndon.  Both consultations can be found on the Brentwood Borough Council planning website, linked here. It is important that as many residents read and respond to the consultations as possible. 

The consultation opens today, and closes 17th February 2015.  Both Brentwood Borough Council and WHPC will be setting up meetings with the public to discuss the consultations further, and answer any questions residents may have.  WHPC will also be discussing the consultations with our planning consultant, and can provide assistance to those residents seeking advise regarding how to respond to the consultations.  We will be providing this advise in both letter form, and in a meeting (date to be arranged).

The consultation runs for 6 weeks, as such there is no rush to respond.  We urge you to read the underlying documents, come and speak to us if you have any questions, and attend the meetings that will be set up.  We need another strong response from the community, but it also needs to be a well considered response.

Whilst meetings and guidance sheets are prepared, do feel free to send any questions to WHPC Planning Team at np@westhorndonparishcouncil.org.uk


C2C have published an Interim Report on its 2015 Proposed Timetable.  The report can be found on the C2C website, with a shortcut pasted below for convenience:


25/11/2014: 265 BUS ROUTE

We have received confirmation that Thurrock Council have arranged a replacement service for the 265 bus route, which will operate 3 return journeys between West Horndon and Grays, commencing 1st December.  As soon as we have more detailed information, we will advise.


We are pleased to confirm that Brentwood Borough Council have approved our area application for our Neighbourhood Plan.  This is a significant first step in being able to move forwards with our Neighbourhood Plan.  We expect to consult the community as soon as possible so we can start creating a document that fully reflects our community's views on how development should look and feel within our parish.


Brentwood Borough Council have released their Memorandum of Understanding with Basildon Borough Council, relating to the exploration of development of a "garden suburb" east of the A128, south of the A127.  File can be found here.  Key principles for West Horndon Village - an appropriate range of public services for West Horndon Village to be provided in the garden suburb, additional and improved infrastructure as part of the garden suburb, garden suburb boundaries to provide a wedge of land adjoining West Horndon and preserving the open gap of Green Belt between Basildon and West Horndon that prevent coalescence.

Agreed principles for the garden suburb include high quality homes with a large percentage available for families, job opportunities through new commercial/industrial provision, supporting local shops and community facilities, provision for Gypsy and Traveller pitches, quality open space, consideration of all constraints inclyding flooding.

As previously highlighted, this is a Brentwood/Basildon initiative, with Brentwood liaising with West Horndon as appropriate.  We expect a consultation to commence shortly, and will continue to seek information and provide views to Brentwood, in order to keep West Horndon up to date and to push for the best outcome for West Horndon in this process.


We currently have 2 vacant positions on West Hondon Parish Council.  If you are interested in apply, or learning more about what being a Parish Councillor entails, contact our Clerk (whpc.parishclerk@gmail.com)


West Horndon Parish Council are pleased to announce the launch of a central email address for queries/questions/comments on neighbourhood planning and development queries.  Since the release of Brentwood Borough's Local Development Plan draft last year, and the start of a Neighbourhood Plan by WHPC, we are aware there are a lot of questions you may have.  Whilst you can always email us via our individual email addresses, we have set up a central email address for queries on this topic.  Feel free to get in touch on np@westhorndonparishcouncil.org.uk 


C2C are consulting on changes to be made to their timetable.  These changes will impact anyone who uses West Horndon station.  For more information and to have your say, see their website here: http://www.c2c-online.co.uk/travel-info/time/Consultation/index


A joint Press Release has been released by Brentwood Borough Council and Basildon Borough Council regarding exploration of the potential for residential development of land between Laindon and West Horndon.  The press release can be found here: http://www.brentwood.gov.uk/press.php?pressId=2310 

Brentwood Borough Council have been in contact with West Horndon Parish Council ("WHPC") regarding this potential development given that the area being explored would sit in WHPC's Parish.  WHPC understand that the potential to develop this land is being explored by both borough councils as part of their respective Local Development Plans ("LDPs").  As you may be aware, Brentwood's LDP is being led by Brentwood Borough Council, however given the potential impact on West Horndon, WHPC have been liaising with Brentwood Borough Council around key elements impacting the Parish.

Work is at an early stage and as soon as there is more information available, we will of course update our community.  WHPC continue to work to ensure that any development proposed for our village and wider parish provides the best possible outcome for West Horndon, noting the level of housing need assumed in Brentwood's LDP assumptions.  We will continue to liase with Brentwood Borough Council to ensure that this is acheived, and that the community is kept up to date with regards to relevant developments.

It is WHPC's understanding that Brentwood Boough Council will be consulting on potential development options later this year.  Assuming this goes ahead we will ensure this is publicised within the Parish.

As always, we encourage anyone with questions, queries or comments, to contact a member of WHPC through our contact details found here: http://westhorndonparishcouncil.org.uk/pc/index.php?id=parish-council-overview&lang=en


On Thursday 13th November, 6-8pm at the Hutton Community Centre, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex Nick Alston will be hosting an open meeting for all members of the public.  The evening will cover how our community is policed, crime facts in our local area, and an open discussion and debate on local topics of interest.  Although the event runs from 6-8pm, you are welcome to join or leave the meeting at any time.

07/05/14: NEW WEBSITE

Welcome to the new West Horndon Parish website!  Please take some time to take a look around, and any feedback would be warmly welcomed by the Communications Group.

Where to find us:

The village of West Horndon is located in the southernmost part of the Borough of Brentwood, with most of the Parish south of the A127 and west of the A128.